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TCI: In the Midst of Life

Added value of a successful WE

What is the added value of a successful WE? What does "trust" mean when we are constantly faced with new stumbling blocks and unforeseen tasks, as we experienced when setting up this internet platform? - With the globe as with the world. [...]

The political dimension of TCI

TCI's understanding of people and society transcends both autonomist-individualistic and collectivist approaches. [...]

The Philosophy of TCI

Everything and everyone is connected with everything and everyone. Take responsibility for what you do and don't do, both privately and socially, and treat yourself and others with care. (Ruth Cohn) TCI Philosophy from a personal point of view. [...]

Historical Development of TCI

"The world is our task. It does not meet our expectations. However, if we stand up for it, this world will become beautiful. If not, it will be nothing." (Cohn 1974, 164) A highly topical subject! [...]

Was bringt die TZI für virtuelle Meetings?

Wie wirken sich virtuellen Meetings auf die Interaktion zwischen den Menschen aus? Wie entsteht Vertrauen und Gemeinschaft online? Und was kann die Themenzentrierte Interaktion (TZI) als Haltung und Methode dabei helfen? Reflexionen aus der Praxis. [...]