Seminar input guidelines

Submission of TCI Training Seminars for this RCI International offer platform

(As of 9 October 2020)

1. Diversity and internationality
Whether within RCI International or with an external organizer, every announcement for a seminar recognized in RCI training serves our goals of making our diversity visible and our offers easily accessible. Our internationality is visible too. Hence, we allow free advertisements for offers from Hungary, India and new countries that are not yet part of RCI International. For all other offers, the conditions as set out in the fee schedule apply.

2. Bilingualism
All texts should be advertised in the instructor's native language and English or, if applicable, in English only - depending on the language or bilingualism of the seminar. In any case, we ask the instructors to include an English translation in addition to their own language for which you can use the translation tool DeepL. Nevertheless, it is essential that a competent person reviews the text in order to ensure that the translation is accurate.

3. Data entry
Seminars can be uploaded at any time. The data is no longer entered in a template, but is sent in a simple, continuously written text document without special formatting to Highlighting in bold is possible. Label your seminar file with the start date of the event, plus your last name, course category, seminar title and insertion category, e.g.

There is also a profile file for instructors. Please label these files with the year of the event plus the respective name plus the addition "profile", e.g.
2021-Profile-Smythe 2021-Profile-Glen

Your seminar will be posted on the platform no later than 3 weeks after submission.

Seminar details fort he data entry

  • Seminar title
  • More detailed description, incl. blanks BASIC Plus: 250 characters
  • SMALL: 400 characters
  • MEDIUM: 1200 or 9000 characters for longterm seminars
  • MEDIUM only: Teaser (max. 250 characters)
  • Venue incl. complete address and pension price
  • Seminar category (P, M…)
  • Date and time (start - end)
  • Name(s) and first name(s) of the instructor(s)
  • external seminars: link to website of the organizer with more information on the seminar or registration or an e-mail contact address
  • Seminar prices (see also the PDF Seminar Pricing Information)
  • If you want an early booking discount, please also indicate a deadline
  • Registration deadline and maximum number of participants
  • Keyword suggestions for seminar contents for a keyword search (will be activated in early 2021)
  • If intended, one of the two notes on language mentioned below, strongly recommended in the interest of internationality:
    "The seminar's language will be German (or Dutch etc.) and English." "Translation into English possible if required."

Instructor profile

  • Name
  • Professional profile in keywords
  • Credo - a key phrase or slogan - is optional, but highly recommended For examples, see the lecturer page directly on the website.
  • Address, telephone number, e-mail address and website (if available)
  • Specification of a maximum of 5 keywords for the search function from the options
    Economy, Theology, School, University, Webinars, Politics, Ecology, Social
  • Leadership, Organizational Development, Spirituality, Therapy, Art, Supervision, Conflict, Coaching, Consulting
  • For small and medium profiles, please add a portrait photo to each profile as an image file (please include the name of the person shown in the file label)

For MEDIUM advertisements, please enclose all further attachments (information, contents) to the seminar in PDF format. If necessary, you can also submit those later.