Technical requirements

Image or logo with 500x800 pixels, in png, jpg or gif format (also animated) in ratios 1:2, 1:3 or 1:1.
You can also have an advertisement designed (price on request).

Prices (valid until 28 February 2021)

Image/logo animated: 250,00 Euro
Picture/logo static: 150,00 Euro
Link to the website of the advertiser: 100,00 Euro


  1. Advert providers and the content of the advert itself must be in alignment with the values and objectives of RCI-international as described in the statutes (no racist, sexist, nationalist content).
  2. Seminars already advertised on the platform may not be advertised with an additional advertisement (one time only principle).
  3. Instructors can advertise their companies and businesses as far as they are related to education or consulting. Product sales are excluded.
  4. RCI member associations or RCI-related associations or institutions may place advertisements.
  5. Cooperation partners, seminar houses, educational institutions, colleges, universities and schools may advertise themselves and their offers, if they disseminate TCI or other (humanistic) procedures.
  6. Publishers with TCI/RCI-relevant portfolio may place advertisements.
  7. A person of the International Board decides on the acceptance of the advertisement in cooperation with a person of the Working Group Offer Platform.

Download prices here