You want to change things? Then you need power!

TCI as a way in organization and society

P - personality course A1 - advanced course Berlin

POWER - there are so many frightening examples of how it is abused. The history books and the media report from its dark side every day.

But whoever wants to change something - wherever - in private life, in the professional field, in society, needs it - the power and therefore a positive attitude towards it.
TCI is a clear, value-oriented and very powerful way of pursuing interests. So how do I achieve and use power in the interest of the human being? (2.TCI-Axiom)
TCI and other procedures from the family of humanistic psychology offer us ways to make our world a better place.
Let's practice them!

After consultation with the management, this personality course may be credited as an advanced course A1.
Scholarships are available on request from the management team.